3 Easy Tools to Overcome Anxiety 

By using these proven tools you will experience what it feels like to transcend your anxiety.  More, they will start you on a path to greater mental and emotional resilience, which leads to greater peace and empowerment.

Others have paid over $400 to learn these tools in Audrey Mairi’s workshops.

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A Trager Practitioner, spiritual seeker, Reiki Master, and author of the internationally popular Trager for Self-Healing, Audrey Mairi has distilled her teachings into practical and simple steps that anyone can use. Her many students have gained a deeper sense of peace and presence.

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  • A dramatic increase in your present moment awareness (which has profound results in all areas of your life).
  • A dramatic decrease in your anxiety.
  • An increasing sense of lightness, of ease, of empowerment and bliss, not only in your work but in your life too.
  • deeper bodily connection to the Life Force, giving you a conscious anchor for stability, adaptability, and flexibility.
  • The ability and power to transform your life, choosing fresh and exciting directions.

Develop peace. Find the calm in your life. Learn to enter the “Now” this second. Audrey will show you how.

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About Audrey

Audrey Mairi is the author of Trager for Self – Healing: A Practical Guide for Living in the Present Moment and the Pathway to Presence program. She is also the creator ofThe Power of Presence three day workshop and the Six Simple Steps to the Nowseminar.

These works grew out of a desperate need to be able to cope with life, her children, and her Trager practice after her twenty year marriage fell apart. Her ability to teach and live in the present moment helped her gain equilibrium and move on to a better way of life.

Through her sessions and classes she has taught empowerment and “ease of being” to a wide range of people: the elderly, children, those stricken with neuromuscular disorders, those in discomfort when no one else had been able to help, as well as those seeking a deeper spiritual connection within themselves. Her clients have included doctors, dentists, massage therapists, choir directors, musicians, and celebrities such as Valdi and Raffi.

“My two day experience in Audrey Mairi’s workshop resulted in a definite shift in my sense of alignment within my body and in relationship with the earth. Not only do I feel more grounded but also noticed that most of my aches and pains have disappeared. Her teachings are clear, the exercises and concepts profoundly simple and mightily effective. I had fun learning and therefore can remember each segment easily and with joy. I highly recommend her workshops, her book, her CD and deeply value her private sessions.”

Elfi Dillon Shaw RMT
Bodywork Co- ordinator at the Haven Institute Gabriola Island BC Canada

Audrey has been on radio throughout the USA and on the Nanaimo BC program Living on Purpose with host, Lynn Thompson and the Seattle television program, Being in Seattle with Rosemary Broccoli. She has also been endorsed by Paul Latour, developer of Hero Work and the Extreme Makeover Academy.

Through her 42 years of meditation and 26 years of  Trager practice, Audrey has developed a philosophy that “only in a safe, gentle, playful atmosphere–free from fear and external judgements–will past patterns lose their grip. Then, and only then, can tension and emotional heaviness give way to the power and enjoyment of the present moment.”