Develop Mental and Emotional Resilience in All Areas of Your Life

Experience the power of “PRESENCE” this moment.


Experience is key.

The experience I speak of is a conscious connection to the Life Force–the source of life itself, the creative, intelligent, and healing energy within us and all around us. You may call this energy “Source” or “God” or a myriad of other names, but, no matter what you call it, it doesn’t change the fact that this connection is found only in the “Now”, in the “Present Moment.”

I want you to have more than a mere intellectual understanding of this, though. I want you to get the feeling of it.

Even more than that, I want you to learn how to unstick yourself from the emotional responses and physical holding patterns of your past stories that arise as you journey through life.

The Pathway to Presence Program (both the ebook and meditative audio tracks) offers effortless, profound techniques to help you transcend suffering and open your life to a gentler, more conscious way of living, guiding you on the path to your increased empowerment.

A Web of Suffering

My philosophy speaks of three aspects–stories, emotions, and physical holding patterns–that trap us in a web of suffering.

Stories. We all have stories running through our minds. The mind thinks. That’s what it does.  But just because we have a thought doesn’t mean we have to believe it. How do we unstick ourselves from our thoughts—without fighting, struggling, or controlling? How do we experience our thoughts as something other than “Me?”

Emotions. They are strong. They can overwhelm us in a second. Most of us are controlled by our emotions. When they say “Jump!” we say, “How high?” How can we fully feel the energy of our emotions running through our body without being utterly controlled by them? How can we unstick ourselves from our feelings, while living life fully?

Physical Holding Patterns. Stiff shoulders, hunched postures, clenched jaws, migraine headaches, digestive problems: they all seem unconnected to emotions and thoughts. We believe we are stuck with these symptoms. We ingest drugs to mask them. But most of the time they are the direct ramification of “stories” and “feelings” being expressed through our bodies.

Pathway to Presence offers effortless, profound techniques to help you transcend these three aspects of suffering and open your life to a gentler, more conscious way of living.

Why Don’t We Connect?

As a Trager practitioner and teacher for 26 years, I’ve learned that a person’s work is only as good as their connection to other people. This is true not only as a Trager practitioner, but for all professionals, for lawyers and mothers, for waiters and teachers. It’s not a stretch to say that the ability to connect is at the core of all professional and personal “success”.

But deep connection doesn’t always happen.

Old baggage in the form of judgements, shame, defensiveness, anger, frustration, and pain get in the way and mask our connection. We get caught in the ego’s melodrama, lost either in past memories or future expectations.

To transcend this I’ve created profoundly simple tools. You might think that simple can’t be effective, but the opposite is true. I’ve spend many years distilling my teaching down to a few core concepts that can be used any time, any where.

Simplicity combined with applicability is another key.

These Teachings Saved My Sanity.

When my life fell apart, when my marriage ended, when my family structure was crumbling all around me, these tools were my anchor in the storm. They connected me to the energetic Source of all things. They brought me to the hub of my spinning wheel. They enabled me to cope. I don’t know what I would have done without them. They increased my empowerment and ability to choose differently. Using them was the only way I could connect to my clients, as well as my children and friends. If these techniques had been difficult or complex they would have overwhelmed my already crowded psyche. Quite literally these simple tools gave me the gift of the present moment.

I want to give this gift to you.

This gift is the culmination of a long personal path: forty-two years of meditation and self-awareness exploration, twenty-six years as a Trager practitioner, eighteen years as a tutor and workshop leader, and five years as the published author of Trager for Self-Healing.

No Time?

Life often seems like a spinning wheel of obligations with no time to follow a practice of self-improvement. Often, even when we are committed to finding more lightness and joy, our old stories, past judgements and dysfunctional emotional patterns get in the way of good intentions.

This is the beauty of having a simple and easily applicable process that you can use anytime, anywhere along side everything you do–while giving a presentation, washing the dishes, interacting with your family, typing on a computer…

No matter what, these special principles will relate to you as a person and as a professional. What you cultivate inside your body/mind is what you are able to offer others.

The combination of the ebook and meditative audio downloads in Pathway to Presence will deepen your level of connection to all of life. Through this program you will learn simple ways to loosen your attachments to past stories and judgements that keep you from accessing the power of the present moment–that power you have access to no matter what situation you find yourself in!

You can always go deeper. Growth never ends. Pathway to Presence is a core element to profound transformative work.


The benefits of the entire Pathway to Presence program include:

  • A dramatic increase in your present moment awareness.
  • A decrease in your insecurity, poor health, depression, and instability.
  • Freedom from old mental, emotional, and physical patterns that have kept you circling in the same old ruts of physical, mental, and psychological suffering.
  • An increasing sense of lightness, of peace, empowerment and bliss, not only in your work but in your life too.
  • An increase in your emotional intelligence.
  • A deeper bodily connection to the Life Force, giving you a conscious anchor for stability, adaptability, and flexibility.
  • Development of a conscious dialogue with Spirit, allowing you to be guided by its subtle promptings.
  • The ability and power to transform your life, choosing fresh and exciting directions.

Great Value

Most ebooks are priced at $20 to $50. Most CD’s are $20 to $30. But I’m discounting the Pathway to Presence ebook and meditative audio tracks from it’s normal $40 to an introductory price of $20.00!

Take a quantum leap in awareness.

Pathway to Presence will show you the way. Right now is your time to shine. Talk action.

Click the picture to the right and change your life today.

Thoughts?  Questions?  Please post your comments below and I’ll reply personally.

Love and light,

Audrey Mairi

PS If you’re uncomfortable purchasing products on line, watch this video tutorial.  It will lead you through the process seamlessly.


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