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To book a session with Audrey in Victoria BC, email her using the contact form or call at (250) 595-6418.

Session Description

“As we move through life, negative stress registers in both body and mind. In defense, our unconscious reacts by developing self-protective physical and emotional holding patterns. Too often, these patterns outlive their original usefulness – they begin to block the good feelings and energies we need to enjoy day-to-day life. Only in a safe, gentle, playful atmosphere – free from fear and external judgments – will past patterns loosen their grip. Then, and only then, are we able to release the emotional heaviness along with the physical tension that undermines our empowerment.”

Especially suited for those on a spiritual path, or those with neuro- muscular conditions, fibromyalgia, jaw tension, migraines, or chronic back, hip, neck, or shoulder pain.

A full Trager table session generally lasts about 90 minutes. No oils or lotions are used. A client is either clothed or partially unclothed to their comfort level and lies on a well-padded table, with appropriate draping, in a warm comfortable environment.

Using gentle, rhythmic, non-intrusive movements with no undo force or pressure creates a feeling of safety, of being heard, allowing for deep, powerful, transformational changes to occur within the client’s body and mind.

All sessions are supported with self-care movements called Mentastics, tailored to each individual client.

If you live in another city, go to the Trager Links page to find a practitioner near you.