Trager Introductory Workshop


Trager Introductory Workshop

Workshop Synopsis

Trager gently, playfully, lightly, transforms holding patterns in our body/mind, on and off the Trager table, using touch, movement and a connection to the quantum field of energy, inviting feelings of softness, stability, relaxation, and increasing good health. After being introduced to the feelings inherent in the present moment, you will learn to use additional Trager principles such as innocence, imagery, weight, elongation, elasticity, questioning, and wave of motion. Through these, and other principles, you will not only access your inner self and discover how to touch others in a deeper more meaningful way, but create a feeling experience in yourself and others that transcends mere manipulation of tendons , muscles and joints, lifting you to a state of inner peace.

2 day workshop

Can be used as a prerequisite for the Trager Professional Training, accredited with NHPC and 8 credits CMTBC


“Audrey is highly organized and I really appreciated her depth of knowledge and conscious presence. Brilliant and a good balance. Thank you for your insight and inspiration.”

“Started on time, wasn’t rushed. Audrey explained and gave examples. Felt like we were all learning therefore wasn’t intimidating. Was able to speak about stuff and ask questions. Felt comfortable with not knowing and asking. Felt I have learned skills for my practice but most importantly for my life. I didn’t just learn a technique but a way of being that, if practiced, could really enrich my life and those around me.”

“I appreciated the nice balance of the course, how well everyone was included.”

“I felt very comfortable and at ease by Audrey’s soft and warm presence.”
L. G.

“Audrey made me feel very comfortable with the work presented. I found her inspiring. I feel as though I learned enough to understand the principles and play with them.”

“Good pace, well spaced. I would be happy to learn more from Audrey.”

“On time yet flexible to pace of group. Loved that handouts were few yet summarized the essence of the workshop. It’s a pleasure and wonderful experience to learn from/with you. I really treasure the silliness/playfulness that happened once in a while and the lightness of being.”

“Audrey is so easy to listen to and process with.”

“This workshop was empowering and affirming for me as many of my values and principles of how I work were echoed here in ways I might not have put into words quite as effectively. Loved the measured pacing of the workshop. Loved the theory and hands on balance. Excellent design, pacing, balance of theory and practice. Awesome facilitation, guidance while practicing. Experiencing Trager and giving were both powerful experiences for me.”

“Great demonstrative skills, clear communication, appears to practice in real life what she teaches. Great role model of a Trager lifestyle. I learned a lot in the time allotted.”

“I really appreciated the flow of the workshop. We covered everything yet it was a relaxed and nurturing environment.” Audrey is very intuitive. She was relaxed yet very present. I felt very comfortable with her. I feel very refreshed and balanced after this weekend.”

“Nice balance of self care and treatment. Audrey has great timing and clearly explained hands on portions. She answered questions very well.”
Feedback from an anonymous class participant.

“The workshop was very well organized. I found the timing perfect and the amount of information just right. Absolutely perfect! Thanks Audrey.”

“Excellent two day introduction to Trager and very comfortable location and group of people. Good day to day structure and timing! Excellent teaching style and demo ability to convey the pure form of Trager. Very passionate!”