Introduction to Mentastics


Introduction to Mentastics

Workshop Synopsis

Trager Mentastics is a profoundly simple approach to body movement that can end stress-induced tension and replace aches, pains and stiffness with pleasurable sensations. The movements are easy to do, very gentle, and work for people of all ages and abilities, from the athlete to the functionally impaired. They offer a way to agelessness — a graceful, free and energetic state. They can dramatically impact (and prevent) a wide range of ailments, from lower back pain to paralysis. Derived from the words “mental gymnastics,” Mentastics are the self-care portion of the Trager Approach. Re-connect to that feeling of lightness, of peace, of bliss, any time, any where. No special talent, skill or gear is required. Condition your body/mind away from old dysfunctional patterns. With use, Mentastics will help anyone feel balanced, grounded, and able to cope with stress. Learn to live in your body in a softer, lighter way. Mentastics is a meditation in motion!

Invite me to your workplace for a Mentastics lunch hour.

The 6 hour workshop: 5 credits CMTBC


Reminiscent of Yoga, the movements depend less on physical exertion then on mental direction and are easy to master, even for those with physical impairment.

Library Journal

Trager Mentastics gives…an exceptional feel for the man and his spirit, while teaching about awareness to be gained through simple movement of our body.

Massage Magazine

Free, graceful movement for people of all ages… The instructions are sound and lucid.

Publishers Weekly

The advantage of  Trager Mentastics is that the athlete can stay more limber and loose, thus freer of muscle damage.

John Percy (President and founder of Greater Austin Track Club)