Six Simple Steps to Now


Six Simple Steps to the Now

Workshop Synopsis

So much of our lives are intellectual or thought oriented; most have little conscious experience with what it actually feels like to be in the present moment. Yet this feeling is the missing link. When we are able to consciously and consistently “hook-up” to this feeling-a feeling of lightness, of peace, of bliss-our empowerment arises naturally, our life’s purpose becomes clear, our dreams manifest with ease. This workshop works beautifully as a conference presentation. Join Audrey and be introduced to this missing link. 4 hour workshop  4 CEU’s to US RNs and massage therapists by USTA


“I am a new Trager practitioner outside of Madison, WI.  We met at the International conference in 2007.  I took your workshop and it was so amazing.  I read your book this summer and I love what you have to offer!  I totally agree with you about Trager being a way of life and I’ve been paying attention to incorporating the ideas into everything, not just the sessions I give. “I love your descriptions of what Trager is and what a typical session is like, and I’ve often referred people to your website.” Thanks for your inspiration, I. C.

“Wow! It’s complete and lovely. Thank you very much Audrey. This has grown genuinely out of your life’s’ searching and growing. A wonderful fruition for us all to participate in, explore, and know the truth of it. Very clear, effective steps progressing in a way that was easy to learn from-fully, experientially, involving our whole being. Each concept was explained simply and constructed organically beginning from Source.” Y.B.

“Nice, very pleasant pacing that gave us a taste of experiencing all the basic pieces of the steps. I liked all the experiences and thought they were very creative. Soft confidence radiated from you, Audrey. I like that you know what you are imparting to us comes from personal experience and a place of deep “knowing” within yourself. You embody that which you teach.” M.M.

“The leader is inspiring. I feel inspired to be myself!” M.S.

“Lovely, simple, concrete in spaces that can be nebulous, example, Meditation.” A.L.

“Delightfully energetic and enlivening! Great to interact and learn together. Many take- home goodies. Great location, pace and very relevant for me. Easily understood and applicable.” L.K.

“This came to me at a time when I felt ready to be open and receive. The way the workshop was presented and organized gave me a feeling of openness. Well done! I found the leader to be wholly at one with the people taking part; a sense of humour, a positive attitude. I feel this is the beginning and that I have some tools to help me recover. Thanks be to Trager and particularly Audrey and her presentation.” J.R.

“Audrey you have the ability to manage the workshop without seeming to. To me, that was part of the learning. You seemed to be in the present and that was the best example of what we want to go to.” G.H.

“Skilled facilitation – the ebb and flow of listening, being, doing and experiencing was timed with elegance; the articulation of concepts and principles masterful. Responsiveness to participants clear and supportive. Again skilful use of time; I never felt rushed or that time dragged. Always felt engaged in whatever was happening-relaxed yet alert.” A.M.

“You are a great example of being present and connected! The workshop was very well organized and clear. The six steps and explanation in each gave us structure and freedom within to play. The partner exercises were a great way to practice and exemplify the principles you were teaching.” I.C.

“Audrey had a easy way of leading me into hook-up. I have a greater awareness of myself and what hook-up feels like. Thank you so much. This was a very meaningful experience. You touched my heart.” I.R.