Power of Presence Immersion Workshop


Power of Presence Immersion Workshop

Workshop Synopsis

The present moment is where we find our empowerment, our peace, our healing, our bliss. In the present moment new possibilities unfold. Unfortunately, old habits far too often keep us stuck in the dramas of our past history and future expectations, preventing us from experiencing all the present moment has to offer. In this two and a half day workshop we will use movement, meditation, discussion, and playful exercises to explore, in depth, the six profoundly simple tools from Audrey Mairi’s book Trager for Self-Healing: A Practical Guide for Living in the Present Moment to illicit a state of presence anytime, anywhere, helping to unravel the tangled ball of our conditioning. Taken from the Trager® Approach, these concepts and tools cultivate a greater body/mind awareness, spaciousness and spiritual depth, consciously connecting us with a field of non-local intelligence that guides us forward with grace and ease and facilitates the release of mental, physical, and emotional holding patterns to bring us fully into the present moment. Designed for all ages and fitness levels, these tools called Mentastics or “mental gymnastics” spur consciousness of the Now and imprint the body with how that “feels,” becoming a crucial part of the healing process. The present moment is not an intellectual concept; it is a feeling state, a feeling state available to us as we type at our computers or play with our children or even attend a funeral. So many paths to self-awareness ask us to ignore, detach from, or rise above the physical body. This holistic approach to wellness incorporates the body into the spiritual package. To do this, we meet the Life Force where it resides, in the present moment, our point of power. Trager forges this last conscious link to our source bringing us feelings of lightness, joy, good health, and enduring peace. 2 1/2 day workshop Accredited Trager Elective,  10.5 Credits CMTO, credits CMTBC – pending.  Can be used as a prerequisite for the Trager Professional Training

Power of Presence Testimonials

“Audrey is a natural teacher and exudes joy and confidence which inspires us. I loved the discussion after each activity and the sharing of the other participants personal experiences.” M.F.

“Ah ha!” “It’s me!” Just that wee bit of focus on being present with the bad stuff…to sit with and love that too…for as long as it takes. Audrey you practice and live this and that comes through even when you are in a healing process yourself!” S.K.

“An exceptional leader with an important message to bring us which she did in a fresh, grounded way! Obviously has a lot of life experience which informs her teaching. The exercises we did were powerful, especially looking at the arm and exploring it with innocence. Very good experiential learning.” A.S.

“I appreciate your soft approach, your knowledge, and application of it; your many ways to facilitate the experience. I really loved the picture exercise. I love your approach and the essence of your knowledge of living your life with its ups and downs using the Trager principles. I love your energy.” Anonymous feedback from course participant.

“Audrey walks her talk. By living presence and making the lessons simple she takes you deep into hook-up and reinforces the Trager principles.” S.S.

“Audrey knows the teaching from the inside out and ties it authentically with Milton Trager’s work. The organization of the class supported the Power of Presence process. A good balance that flowed easily and comprehensively.” Y.B.

“The workshop flowed well and progressed naturally and logically. I learned a lot and reinforced the Trager principles. Lots of “aha’s” and can see many applications to work and life. The leader was very knowledgeable on the subject and had great facilitation skills. She was able to bring people back to the subject and explore areas that were brought up.” D.E.

“Good flow and continuity of the curriculum. Building on concepts, integrating and bringing into everyday life the things we encounter thus making the work practical for everyday living.” Anonymous feedback from course participant.

“Enjoyed the experiential parts. Getting reacquainted with me in a Trager way…yahoo! Timing was good with balance in presence, movement, attitudes, exploration. Diversity of material in the exercises was well laid out. The exercises built continuity for deepening awareness of presence. The role playing exercise was a great experience to see how we can be in our presence.” Anonymous feedback from course participant.

“Audrey embodies what she teaches. Her presence is clear and powerful, loving and open, real and deep. She listens fully and allows and encourages us to listen to ourselves and others. This class is the ground of being (hook-up). I would highly recommend that every Trager student start his/her training here. It is equally beneficial for all of us to bathe once again-but in a new way-in hook-up.” B.G.

“Audrey was very effective. She has a way of talking that is right to the point, simple and powerful. I would like to see the same quality I experienced in this training in all the other trainings.” K. M.

“I appreciate how you consider each person’s comfort and input. Thank you. Also the way you model how to be in the world lightly and with love. H. K.