Delve a Little Deeper


About Audrey

Audrey Mairi is a Reiki Master and a Trager practitioner/tutor/teacher, with a thriving practice in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She regularly holds workshops for students and therapists dealing with the connection between the body and mind. In addition, she has given numerous presentations to professional organizations.


Links to the Trager World

Trager Approach is practiced world-wide, from New Zealand to Europe, from Japan to Israel.  If you are looking to have a session, find a course, get connected, or learn more about Trager International follow the link below.


“So What is Trager Anyway?”

The Trager® Approach is a method of body/mind integration that creates greater present moment awareness, while holistically addressing the body, mind and spirit through a hands-on table session and Mentastics® movement explorations.  With this approach you will feel what it is like to be light, free, soft, grounded, and stable–where work as well as play is full of joy, peace, and improved health.


Get a Session

No oils or lotions are used in the 1 ½ hr. Trager session. You lie passively on a well-padded table and are gently rocked, jiggled, compressed, elongated and shimmered; your tissue is constantly invited to open to the present moment feelings of softness, lightness, and clarity.  A session also re-educates the mind/body, allowing old holding patterns to release at a causal level where our  foundational restrictions reside.  Off the table your education continues in the form of innocent self-care movement explorations that you are encouraged to practice at home. The results are transformational.