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Audrey Mairi

Author, Certified Trager Practitioner and Tutor

About Audrey

A Spiritual Seeker of Lightness

Audrey Mairi is a Reiki Master and a Trager practitioner and teacher, with a thriving practice in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She regularly holds workshops for students and therapists dealing with the connection between the body and mind. To see her in action watch this video.


We Can Learn to be Lighter

Audrey’s Workshops

Come together with like minds in a safe, gentle, playful atmosphere to experience the power of the present moment within yourself and with others. Each workshop explores a different avenue to gain an authentic sense of what it feels like to live in your centre at all times through movement, stillness, discussion and play.

Book & CD Combo

Pathway to Presence

Actively engage your whole being to feel the joy of this moment.  Allow the intellectual knowledge of this E-Book and the actual experience gained following these audio tracks to guide you effortlessly onto the path of Presence.


Fundamental Book on Trager

Trager for Self-Healing

“Audrey Mairi’s book is the most thorough and accurate description of the Trager Approach that I have ever read. It is a learning: learning to slow down, to pause, and to find that inner quiet from which the answers to our pains and dilemmas can emerge from the natural wisdom…” Deane Juhan (author of Job’s Body).


My two day experience in Audrey Mairi’s workshop resulted in a definite shift in my sense of alignment within my body and in relationship with the earth. Not only do I feel more grounded but also noticed that most of my aches and pains have disappeared. Her teachings are clear, the exercises and concepts profoundly simple and mightily effective. I had fun learning and therefore can remember each segment easily and with joy. I highly recommend her workshops, her book, her CD and deeply value her private sessions.

Elfi Dillon Shaw RMT, Bodywork Co- ordinator at the Haven Institute Gabriola Island BC Canada